Nutrition Renewed Testimonials

Participating in Jennifer’s Nutrition Renewed Program was life changing for me.

I had gathered a wealth of information from various sources and diets I had tried, yet I wasn’t putting them into practice. Having access to the tools in Jen’s program and talking through some of the steps I could start to take set me on my path. I started with one step, and that led to another and then another. Since completing her program, I have released over 40 pounds and am enjoying my new path of living a happier and healthier life through the choices I am making.

- Beth

Jen Bugajsky’s Nutrition Renewed course is a wealth of information!

Having worked in the nutrition and weight loss industry for several years, I realized that I had lots of education but there was much to be learned!  Not only did I gain an awareness of what I was eating, but I began looking at food labels, nutrients and additives in a new way.

This course affirmed what I was doing that was right, and helped me move forward in my quest for healthier eating for both myself and my family.  Whether one is looking to get healthier, lose a few pounds, or feed a hungry family, Jen can help you move forward towards improved health.  I’d highly recommend any of her courses as positive, encouraging and motivating!  Thanks Jen!

~Sue Bonucchi


Jen’s Nutrition Renewed class was an amazing experience!

I was impressed by her thorough knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating, but even more so with her straightforward, candid suggestions on how to apply it in everyday life. Jen provides the information and resources to make it doable! With the large amount of confusing and even contradictory information on healthy eating out there, it was so refreshing to have my personal questions answered by a caring, expert source.  I walked away with the motivation and ability to create a plan for serving healthier meals to my family every day!

–Karen, Naperville

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