The Power of Alternative Healing


There are many different kinds of alternative healing modalities available to aid in the health of our families. Traditional medicine uses drugs and prescriptions to treat the symptoms, but  Holistic or alternative medicine uses the principal that our bodies were made to heal ourselves.  We need to learn and treat the root cause of the symptom and not the symptom itself.  There are 3 basic components that make up our healt.h.

- Biochemistry- what we, eat, drink and breathe  “chemical imbalance”
- Structure – the skeletal system “Structural imbalance
- Mental/Psychological/Emotions – “Energy imbalance”

The Biochemical component is addressed by either food, supplementation or medication.  The other components have a wide variety of alternative healing methods that help to bring the body back into alignment.  Here are some suggestions of methods and providers that we have used and support the services that they provide.

Structure/Mental/Physchological and Energy Imbalances

Chiropractic – I will be honest, I was like many people out there, who had never seen a chiropractor and didn’t know what they did.  Chiropractic care is the art, science and philosophy of restoring the inborn ability to self-heal by detecting and reducing compromises to the nervous system, usually along the spine. The primary intervention is the spinal adjustment.  

So what does that mean?  Your brain, spinal cord and all of your nerves control and regulate your body.   Every cell, tissue, organ and system (even your immune system!) take orders from your nervous system.  If there are blocks in your nervous system, the body will not be able to communicate or send the appropriate messages to the places where it needs to go, causing a variety of health problems.

Resources: Chiropractor

Applied Kinesiology- Everything on the earth is made of up energy and we as humans are made of intertwining forms of energy.  Before any physical symptoms appear, the energy in and around your body goes out of balance.  (AK) is a non-invasive therapeutic method of using muscle testing as a primary feedback mechanism to examine how a person’s body is functioning.  It is based on traditional Chinese medicine’s theory that a system of energy channels, called meridians, run throughout the body. From Head to toe, these energy channels contain about 360 acupuncture points.  Muscle testing enables you to identify if there is an imbalance in your body.  It also enables you to understand if certain foods or substances are good for your energy field.

Resources: Chiropractor and Applied Kinesiology

Biofeedback – Neurofeedback is direct training of brain function, by which the brain learns to function more efficiently.  Brain waves are observed in action and then rewarded for changing its own activity to more appropriate patterns.   Neurofeedback is training in self-regulation, which is a necessary part of good brain function and allows the system (the central nervous system) to function better.

Neurophychologist: Nuerohealth Associates:

Child & Family PhychologistMargaret Byrnes – Provides family counseling services to focus on the relationship and mental or phychological issues that might be impacting your child’s overall heatlh.  (Get info from Margaret)

Yoga:  is used to create balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility. It is a way to move your body, access your mind and connect with your soul.  The benefits of yoga are:

  • Enhancing concentration
  • Increasing flexibility and balance
  • Improving general well-being
  • Boosting confidence.
  • Relaxing their minds


Energy Medicine – is both a complement to other approaches to medical care and a complete system for self-care and self-help. It can address physical illness and emotional or mental disorders, and can also promote high-level wellness and peak performance. Energy medicine utilizes techniques from healing traditions such as acupuncture, yoga, kinesiology, and qi gong.  “Energy is the foundation of physical and emotions health” Donna Eden

Energy: Donna Eden

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants for psychological and physical healing.  Essential oils are concentrated extracts taken from the roots, leaves, seeds, or blossoms of plants. Each contains its own mix of active ingredients, and this mix determines what the oil is used for.  Some experts believe our sense of smell may play a role in how this works. The “smell” receptors in your nose communicate with parts of your brain (the amygdala and hippocampus) that serve as storehouses for emotions and memories. You must be careful though to not use products that include synthetic ingredients.  These “fragrance oils” are not the same as essential oils and have chemicals in them that could be harmful to your health.  So the next time you go shopping and smell the fragrance of a candle, pouporri etc… make sure that what you are purchasing has natural essential oils in them.

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