Nutritional Education Guide


Here is a sample of a nutritional education guide.  This chart is meant to be a guideline to help you understand where your kids might be deificient in certain nutrients based on the food choices they make.  Most kids eat usually eat many of the same foods.  Some kids (our picky eaters) have a list of about 15 – 20 foods they will eat.  Others ranges somewhere between 20 - 40 foods in their diet.  This helps you as a parent at a quick glance, to know whether or not your child might be deficient in a particular area.


*This analysis does not include other snacks that have little to no nutritional value.  It is also an illustration of the nutrients that could be in the foods and absorbed by the body.   Some %’s will change based on the brand of the item chosen.  There is also no exact way of knowing just how many nutrients are in a fruit or veggie.  We do know that organic produce contains more nutrients in them, than non-organic, but the exact amount is not always known.

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