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Learn the basics of how to navigate the food system & create a healthier environment for your family.  Why do I need Nutrition Renewed?  Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted in trying to get your family to eat healthy? Are you confused by all the mixed messages out there on what is good vs. what is not?  In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it appears there is not enough time to focus on nutrition and its much easier to pop something in the microwave, grab something convenient or go through the drive thru.

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Are you overwhelmed by all of the different roles you play in life, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, employee, house manager, cook, chaueffer, church leader, PTA representative, etc…  Do you find yourself in survival mode with little time for yourself?  Taking care of your family is important, but as women we also need to take care of ourselves.  If you truly want to do SOMETHING MORE to improve the overall health of your family and your marriage, take a deeper look at the relationship you have with yourself.

This program will not only impact you but will benefit and re-ignite the relationships you have with your spouse and your children.   Experts say you can only give what you have, and if mom does not have the energy then you can’t be at your best for your family.  Kids learn best from your own example, so if you truly want to do something for your kids, give them the best gift of all which is taking the time to invest in you.

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Are you a woman of faith, but struggle with finding your church home?   Are you someone who was raised in a faith-filled Christian or Catholic home but find yourself stuck and wanting something more?    Are Sunday mornings sometimes a battle where you struggle to get your kids and/or spouse to go to church every week?

I will share with you my own faith journey and provide you with tips that will help guide you on your journey to finding your church home.  You will have the freedom to explore your own spirituality and learn how to create a deeper more intimate relationship with God.

There is no right or wrong answer for any of us, but what is important is to be connected to the eternal source of God.  I can’t promise your kids will be jumping for joy to attend church services, but through the work you do in yourself, they will begin to see by the changes in your energy, attitude and your actions.  This will open up the door of  infinite possibilities in showing how faith and having a personal relationship with God is foundational to living the life that we were meant to live.

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Learn more about how you can bring Jen to your corporation to focus on Kids and Family Health Awareness.  I can tailor any of the topics above regarding physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being to your organization.  We know that mom’s are usually the heart of the family and anything corporations can do to help support women in promoting a more positive home life, will feed into their energy, attitude and productivity in the workplace.  Contact Jen at 331 444-2281 or for more details.


We structure each coaching engagement as an ongoing process that normally lasts 3 – 6 months.  Coaching requires a close, integrity driven partnership between the coach and the client as they embark on a collaborative process of guided change that takes place in an environment of confidentiality and trust.  The program begins with a health consultation to identify the key focus areas you would like to work on.  We then work together to define a program that best fits your needs, so that you can have the support you need to make slow gradual changes in the health of your family.

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Looking for continued support and accountability at an affordable price?

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