What’s the hype with VitaminD?


It may surprise you, but Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin, it is a hormone.  Recent research has shown that a a deficiency of Vitamin D has a direct link to many of the health issues we have today.   Vitamin D has been found to impact every organ and system in the body which makes it a vital nutrient to ensure is functioning optimally.  New evidence is showing that kids may need 10X more the amounts of Vitamin D.  (meaning 2000 IU of vitamin D, not the now 200 IU recommended.)   by Daniel J. DeNoon (WebMD Health News)


 Experts are coming up with some interesting facts

“If I could pick one Vitamin to push to EVERYBODY, it’s VITAMIN D!”  Dr. Oz Says:

“Our youngest generation might be the first generation in the history of humankind to suffer the most consequences as a result of being deprived of adequate Vitamin D.”  The Vitamin D Solution by Dr. Michael Holick Phd, Md.

“Vitamin D gives athletes a definitive advantage over their competitors… improves muscle tone, muscle strength, balance, reaction time and physical endurance as well as immunity and general health.”   By Dr. John Cannell, M.D.

Benefits of Vitamin D

  • Improved immune system (Virus, allergies, cancer, chronic infections)
  • Digestive System (ulcer, indigestion)
  • Nervous System (Stress, insomnia, depression, ADHD, autism)
  • Circulatory System (Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure)
  • Skeletal System (Osteoarthritis, Inflammatory Joint Disease, Osteoporosis)
  • Respiratory System (Allergies, Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinusitis) Repairs defects in skin caused by pollution and chemical sensitivities
  • Skin System (Dermatitis, Eczema, Melanoma, Aging Skin)
  • Urinary System (Kidney, Prostate)

 And the research and evidence keep growing….

Where do we get vitamin D from? 

In order for Vitamin D to be created in the body it requires help from an outside source known as Vitamin D3.  (Vitamin D3 is naturally provided by rays of ultraviolet B from sunlight).  After some activation steps in the body, Vitamin D is then created in the body.  Most Vitamin D in foods comes in a fortified form with the exception of eggs, dried shitake mushrooms, and fatty fish.  Isn’t Vitamin D in milk good enough?   The vitamin D in milk is fortified and comes in the form of Vitamin D2.  Vitamin D2 is NOT the same as Vitamin D3.

  •           D2 – is known to have adverse drug reactions
  •           Currently, 144 drugs, (612 grand and generic names) known to interact with Vitamin D2.
  •           D2 is a patented drug that has been used to fortify dairy and other foods for 60 years
  •           Nearly all toxic reactions to Vitamin D are due to Vitamin D2, NOT Vitamin D3

ASK YOUR DOCTOR about the overwhelming research that is currently making headlines in numerous published clinical studies and the stunning information found in virtually every respected medical journal in health care. Here are some additional resources for further information on Vitamin D.  The Vitamin D Solution, The Vitamin D Cure, The Vitamin D Revolution, The Power of Vitamin D


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