So Why are We Not Healthy


Are you thinking to yourself, my child doesn’t have a disease?   My child just has allergies, has an acne problem, has a hard time sitting still or is slow to develop his/her speech, but overall he/she is considered “normal”.   That voice inside you thinks that there is something more to this, but then you hear things like, ”Oh that is normal now adays” or “kids don’t talk as fast as they did years ago”, or “your child will grow out of it, just wait and see”…  Unfortunately, disease has become the norm.   Disease is really the body’s way of telling us that something is out of balance. Many of our kids have some type of health issue that is either undiagnosed or being treated with medications which only treat the symptom, not the root cause of the issue.

In today’s world, there are so many factors that impact the environment in which we live.  We as parents first have to become aware of the things that are impacting our children’s health and learn some simple steps we can take to bring true health back to our families using natural, non-invasive solutions.

A lert - Did you know the number kids with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism, Asthma, Allergies, Behavioral Disorders and other childhood diseases has significantly increased in the last 20 years? Did you know that the root cause of most disease is preventable?
W ater -Do you really know the importance of clean water and what function it performs in your body?
A ntioxidents -Did you know that there is really only one disease? Free radicals and toxins in the environment create malfunctioning cells. Do you know how to stop them?
R aw Foods – Did you know that raw foods contain enzymes our body needs daily and raw foods are the only way to get them?
E nvironment/Chemicals – Did you know that our everyday household products have harmful chemicals in them impacting our kids’ health?
N utrition -Do you know what vitamins and minerals your kids are missing in their diets? And how they may be causing issues with your kids?
E xpectations – Do you really know what is in the food and drinks that your children are consuming? Do you know what the food and drug companies don’t want you to know? Did you know many doctors don’t have a lot of knowledge around nutrition?
S ensitivities – Do you know that there is a difference between food allergies and food sensitivities? Do you know if a food sensitivity could be impacting you?
S upplements -Do you know the nutrients in our food supply are decreasing and we need to supplement in order to give our body what it needs? Food alone no longer provides the fuel our bodies need to thrive.

So how do you know if your child has true health?  Attend one of my upcoming seminars to hear in more details about the ABC’s to Kids Health Awareness.  You can also sign up for a free consultation where we can talk about a program to support you and your family on your health journey.  As a parent, once you are equipped with the knowledge to make more informed choices, you will be in a better position to provide a healthier environment for your family and teach them what they need to know to make better choices for themselves.

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