The Power of Healthy Home


We all want out house to be a home.  Any parent wants the best for their family and we all want people to feel welcome in our homes.  Our homes should be the safest place in the world, free from chemcals and toxins in our environment.  You will be amazed at the hidden dangers in the everyday products we use, however, the power of a healthy home is more than just creating a toxin free environment.  It is a way to bring all of the elements of Nutrition, Relationships and Home together.  A healthy home consists of a place that feeds our mind, body and soul, is full of loving relationships and positive energy, is a safe place to be and enables us to be organized and open to the possibilities of bringing in the “good stuff” into our lives.


How Toxins are impacting our environment – Our homes should be the safest place in the world.  Did you know that there are thousands of chemicals that are in the some of the everyday products we use?  This includes, kitchen, bathroom, laundry and everyday household cleaners, self care items (such as toothpaste, deoderant, perfumes, soaps, shampoos, candles etc…)  Research continues to show that these chemicals could be an underlying root cause that is impacting many of our health issues in today’s environment.  Disease begins in one of two ways, 1) lack of nutrition and 2) toxins in our bodies.   If you knew that you could impact your home environment by choosing to use products that were chemical free, would you be interested in learning more about it?


How to be careful using “Green” products – While the first step in the process is becoming aware of the impact of toxins in our everyday products, the next thing to know is:  How do I know if a product is really “Green”.  Unfortunately, there are many products out on the market, that are claiming to be “Green”, “Organic” and are not.  It is important to read labels and know what is in the products you use.  The goverment has a site that outlines a variety of everyday household products and the chemicals that can be found in them.

 Non-Toxic, natural solutions -   There are some good products out on the market and it is important to know that you are using a product that stands behind its name.  It is also important to know that many products out there are made up of plastic bottles (which are not good for the environment) in addition to being 80% water with a splash of the chemicals that are needed for cleaning.   Neither of which are good for the environment.  The cleaning products that we use are make from Melalueca.  Some of the Melaleuca products are concentrated which means you purchase one bottle and include the appropriate amount of the solution in a bottle which can last you years.  All of the products are thoroughly tested and do not include any synthetic ingredients.   Here is s link where you can see all of the various Products that Melaleuca has to offer.

 Home-made solutions - Another option to natural cleaning products is to make the products yourselves.  There are a variety of different ways that you can make your own cleaning solutions by using essential oils.  It is VERY important to ensure that you are using plant based essential oils and NOT synthetic ones.  To make homemade solutions it is more than just vinegar, water and baking soda, although those could be some basic ingredients.  There are natural properties in the oils that come from plants that create natural solutions.  A great book that offers some good suggestions is Green Goes with Everything (Simple Steps to a Healthier Life and a Cleaner Planet) by Sloan Barnett.

De-Clutter and make room for the “Good Stuff “- So you might be thinking to yourself, wow this is a lot of information that I really just can’t absorb all at once.   I want to create a healthy environment and home for my family, but where do I begin?  Not only do I need to look at nutrition, I need to look at relationships, and things around my home  that could be impacting our family’s health.  It could be a full time job, just to focus on making all of these decisions for my family.  If you feel that way, do NOT be alarmed.  You are like many other people in the world when they try to tackle the health issues of today.  The first step in the process is awareness and then making the choice to focus on one thing at a time.  I can help you figure out which areas you want to focus on for your family and put together a program that is right for you.

 Menu Planning – Get organized – In addition to prioritizing and making room for the “Good Stuff”, one key area that many families struggle with is meal planning.  Its one thing to know what foods are good for your family, but its another thing to:

 1) know what you are going to make,
2) actually buy the foods,
3) find time to make healthy meals for your kids and
4)know that they will actually enjoy the meals.

 I will provide some sample meal plans on what has worked for our family.  There is no one size fits all solution, however, it is helpful to hear ideas from other busy moms who make healthy meals for their kids.  Having a plan is critical to ensuring the basic nutritional needs are met.

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