Awakening Your Body’s Voice


II. AWAKENING YOUR BODY’s VOICE - Taking care of your family’s health is important, but as women, we also need to focus on taking care of ourselves.  If we are living in survival mode, we don’t have the energy to be at our best.  If you truly want to do something more for your family and your marriage, take a deeper look into the relationship you have with yourself.  This program will not only impact you, but will benefit the relationships you have with your spouse and children. Taking care of your kids’ health is important but you also need to take of yourself. The experts say you can only give what you have, and if mom does not have the energy then you can’t be at your best for your family. Kids learn best from your own example, so if you truly want to do something for your kids, give them the gift of taking the time to invest in you.

 - Get out of feeling stuck
 - Awaken your feminine energy
 - Re-ignite the fire in your relationships
 - Attract the attention you desire
 - Create a deeper spiritual connection with God (Divine Source of Truth)

AWAKEN THE BODY’S SENSES  - Learn how our body speaks to us.  In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we rarely take the opportunity to awaken to the energy that surrounds us.  You will learn some tools that enable you to tap into all of your senses and begin to appreciate the living energy that can be provided if we take the time to embrace the natural essence of our bodies.

  • Learn tools & techniques to ground yourself (Ground, Center, Imagine, Breathe, EFT)
  • Tap into your senses and begin to nurture your feminine essence
  • Awaken the numb, frozen and lifeless energies
  • Get in Touch w/ the sensations in your body (Sight, Touch, Sound/Vibration, Smell, Taste

BODY CONFESSIONS  When we are not living in our truth, we deprive ourselves of God’s grace.   Body confessions will allow us to acknowledge what is getting in the way of our own truth.  It is in the knowing that we can fully embrace the lies and stories that hold us back.  Once we are aware, we can apologize, ask for forgiveness and be open to receiving all that is in store for us.  Reconciling oneself to God is the purpose of Confession.

  • Gain insights and awareness into taking care of your body
  • Become aware of “living” and “lifeless” energies in both food and in your surroundings
  • Understand the presence of energy; masculine, neutral and feminine energies
  • Discern when you are in your “heart space” or your “head space”; consciousness

THE POWER OF THE BODY - Practice tuning into your body’s energy.  Allow yourself the freedom to be present and in the moment.  Play with different techniques to truly open up your heart, mind, body and soul.  Learn how to ask for what you need and listen for your inner-knowing and intuition from the divine spirit.  Learn how to access and be in tune with your “heart space”.

  • Allow yourself the freedom and space to feel what your body is telling you
  • Listen to the wisdom and guidance your body provide
  • Awaken your energy, personal presence and confidence
  • Discover how to love and appreciate your body

BODY EXPRESSIONS: MY SOUL and MY VOICE  – When our hearts are open we are free to explore the depths of our own being.  How do you know how to discern making the “right” decisions?  Learn how to trust yourself and the spirit within.  Have faith in yourself and in God that he will lead you on the path to finding your voice.

  • Embrace and nurture your own feminine essence
  • Trust your body’s intuition and self-knowing
  • Create true self-respect; set boundaries and follow through with radical responsibility
  • Feel more passion, joy and peace in your life


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