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Jen Bugajsky Headshot 2014 FinalHello, my name is Jen, congratulations on taking your first Powerful Step to transforming the health of your family.This site is filled will many resources and stories, which I hope you will find valueable.  I will admit, up until a few years ago, eating healthy was not on the top list of priorities for my family.  We were the average family that chose convenience over health 95% of the time.  It was not until two of my children were diagnosed with health issues, that I buried myself into learning as much as I could about health and nutrition to help my boys.   As a mom, you just know when something is not right and I was determined to find answers to help my kids.  I struggled, prayed and searched for answers to help my children without the use of drugs or medications.  I didn’t realize all of the things that were impacting my kids’ health and didn’t know where to turn. God answered my prayers and in my journey I have found a wealth of information in the alternative or holistic healing field that has helped make a positive difference in my family.  I am passionate about health and nutrition and have learned more about the body than I ever thought possible.   I want to share my story and what I have learned in hopes of helping other families.

It is important to note that each person and family is at different places in their lives when it comes to their health.  Most of the information I will share in my site will be beneficial to each and every one of you in your own time.  Maybe you are not ready to focus on an area like cutting down on processed foods, it is important to know that it is OK to be right where you are in your journey.  There is no right or wrong place to be and you will know when it is right to dig deeper into a particular area.  There is no quick fix or miracle answer, but if you focus on taking action one simple step at a time, you will be truly amazed at the positive difference you can make in your family.

Here are some of the resources you’ll find on this site:




  • How toxic chemicals in our everyday environment  impact our health
  • How to be careful using “Green” products – know about reading labels
  • Non-Toxic, natural solutions
  • Home-made solutions
  • De-Clutter and make room for the good stuff
  • Menu Planning – Get organized


  • There are so many natural ways of healing our bodies other than the use of medication.  I want to share with you some of the solutions that we have used as well as promote some of the local businesses in our area that have been such a tremendous support in our journey.  Our family would not be where we are today without your support and dedication to True Healing.


  • 6 month family health coaching program
  • 6 month personal coaching program
  • Nutrional Analysis
  • Mom-Group health coaching program
  • Workshops and presentations for companies and organizations




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