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The vision of One Powerful Step has been supported by a variety of people that have help me and my family along our journey.  I am so grateful to all those people who were an ear to listen,  a shoulder to cry on, a mentor to provide guidance or wisdom and a friend to share and experience the joy of the journey with me.  I am excited to launch this business as I continue to take one powerful step to transform families to health one simple step at a time.

First and foremost, I have to thank the following people who without their support, we would not be where we are today

Family Friends

My husband Joe  – For without him, I would not have the time to devote to fulfiling my life passion.  He is always supportive of the things that I do.  Even though health and wellness is NOT his favorate topic, he is always willing to listen to what I have to share.  (Amazing he can repeat back, word for word.)

My Kids – Chris, Matt, Danny Andy – The reason I am here today. Thanks for allowing me to bring better choices into our home. I am sorry I didn’t know earlier in my life just how important food choices were on your health. If I would have known, I would have introduced things earlier in life. The last thing I ever wanted to do was to unknowingly contribute to creating health issues and challenges for you in life. I know you were not always happy with the choices I made for meals and snacks, but you are learning to keep an open mind and are starting to read labels yourselves to determine if something is a better choice. I don’t expect you to be perfect, but I appreciate you being willing to let me make new meals and pay a little bit more attention to the foods that you eat. I do it all because I love you and I want the best for you.

My Parents – A devout Catholic family, they supported me 100% when I started looking to a variety of different options to help my boys.  My dad used to always say, if God didn’t make, we shouldn’t eat it.  They have tried to provide healthier snacks for the boys instead of the “bad stuff”, although grandparents can get away with the bad stuff every once in a while.  My mom has provided an open heart and mind to share in my joys and success.  My dad and I walk every saturday and he listens to me and provides his words of wisdom and provides positive affirmations for me to continue to follow my dreams.

My Sister-in-law – Jessica Crowley was my shoulder to cry on when my son was diagnosed with ADHD.  She knew it was eating me up inside and started getting me to think about other natural ways that I could look into to heal my family.  She introduced me to Deb, who re-inforced what my heart knew, but my ego wanted to ignore is that my kids were being malnourished.

Business Friends

My Best Friend Michelle – Who can fit in both the family and business category.  Michelle has her own Marketing Business and helped me really get thinking around the marketing aspects of the business.  She helped proofread my flyers to make them more engaging and provided little tips and tricks to really make my marketing materials come alive.  It has been so much fun sharing this experience with my best friend.  Not only do we get to enjoy each others company, but we can help each other succeed in our business ventures.

My Graphic Desinger – Jenna Bay – I had so much fun and was so energized in creating the designs for One Powerful Step.  You truly understood the vision of where we wanted to go with this business venture and I am grateful for the time and effort you spent with me in trying to create a memorable visual image of our business.

My Web Designer – Kevin Downing – I was so grateful to have Kevin take care of the the structure and behind the scenes setup of our website.  If I had to do it myself, I know it would have taken a lot longer than it took him to pull such an awesome site together.  I was able to focus on content and getting my business moving, while he made sure all of the technical details were taken care of.

My Colleague and Friend:  Deb Villarese – Deb was one of the first people I met as I started learning more about nutrition.  She truly cared about me and my family and has brought over 20+years of experience to the table.  She shared so much information and continues to share with me that I am forever grateful to her.

My Business and Nutrition Coach: Gayle Hilgendorff – If there was ever divine intervention in meeting anyone, it was certainly with Gayle.  When I started creating the intention of wanting to go back to school for nutrition, Gayle showed up in my life.  She worked for the same company I currently work for and left to start her own health coaching business.  She has been a tremedous role model and mentor in my journey and reminds me that the signs I see along the journey are all signs from the universe that I am following my hearts desires.

My Yoga Instructor  – Adrienne Hengels – She planted a seed with me and helped me build confidence in myself that based on my passion, experience and knowledge I had enough information to go out there and begin making a difference in people’s lives.  She encouraged me to follow my dream by starting a blog and giving presentations on my story to help other familes make better choices regarding their health.

My Enegy Coach: Jody England – I was magnetically attracted to Jody in our very first conversation.  I knew at some point I was going to work with her.  I never could have imagined the journey that she has helped bring me through.  She has helped to unlock doors, I never knew existed and created a space to let me get in tune with my true authentic self.  I am forever grateful for her wisdom, guidance and support and look forward to continuing our journey’s together in helping to heal others.

My Support Friends -

Kathy Bloom – You have been there for me walking along the journey before I even knew the journey.  I remember reaching out to you because you wrote in your profile that one of your hobbies was “alternative healing modalities”.  Who knew that our friendship would grow to the point it is today.  You have provided support in reviewing ideas for business names and logos, to listening to my latest ideas and providing support and guidance along the way.  You help remind me and keep me grounded to keep an open mind as to what the universe might bring my way.  I am forever grateful for your interest in my endeveours and the friendship we share.

Kathy Ritchie – You were one of the first people I called to share my new dream.  We had talked many times in the past about making healthier choices for ourselves and I knew you woudn’t think I was cooky when I shared my new business venture.  You were always interested to hear the lastest on what was going on and provided continuous support in reviewing my business name, logo ideas, blog topics etc…  It was one of your comments that helped make the logo what it is today.  I am excited to have been able to share this journey with you.

 Jessica Kadza – To think we met over an email talking about the benefits (or not so much benefits) of chocolate milk.  You have supported me in attending one of my first seminars and have been a partner and friend in the journey to keeping our families healthy in a natural way.  It is great to share experiences and stories with you and see our kids getting excited talking about making healthier choices.  I look forward to our continued friendship and future business ventures in the health and wellness field together.

US Wellness Director – Julie Wilkes - You gave me an awesome opportunity to share my story with other parents just like me.  Through your connections, I have been able to provide webinars to a broader audience and spread the news to a variety of different people.  You also helped to build my confidence by introducing me as an expert in this field.  Many people have reached out and continue to ask questions in an effort to learn more about what they can do lead their families on a track to wellness.

Doctors -

Dr. Bonesteel -  Gave my son new life.  He struggled desparately in school and after going through biofeedback treatments, along with changes in his diet, he was a new kid.  His anxiety issues disappeared after 2 sessions and he was able to function like a normal 8 year old boy.

Dr. Gelband Gave me a new way of thinking about healing.  I had never seen a chiropractor before in my life and his style was a bit different.  He provided the opportunity for me to be open to new possibilities and try out a solution that was non-invasive for my son.  I had nothing to lose, other than time and whatever insurance didn’t cover.  I gained so much more than I could have ever imagined.  I not only helped my son, I learned so much from going to him on a weekly basis that I was able to use the knowledge I gained from him, to help be a foundation for this business.  I got an education every week for 6 months and then monthly for an entire year going to see the chiropractor for me and my son.


Mr. Wild – The story would not be complete, if there wasn’t one more person to thank in this journey.  While he is no longer with us, I feel his spirit all the time.  Mr. Wild was my 8 year old son’s teacher, who was murdered trying to save his friends life.  I only met him a few times, but he was the best teacher any of my kids ever had.  If you knew him, you would love him.  He had this way about him that he really wanted to make a difference in each and every kid’s lives that would come into contact with.  He died at too young of an age (24)  and he was not able to reach all of the children he had dreamed he would.    His death really impacted me in a way I didn’t know was possible.  I knew God had a bigger plan for this tragedy and the story of his life made me want to be a better person.  It is this defining moment in my life that steered me to focus on following my dream to become a public speaker and health coach, focusing on encouraging and supporting people in their our journeys to transform their families to health one simple step at a time.

Mission: to provide a Wealth of education, and Inspiration to Lead and empower women make a positive Difference in their famility through healthy nutrition, healthy relationships and healthy home.

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