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Jen Bugajsky is a Board Certified Health Coach and Holistic Practitioner, member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where she earned a certification in Integrative Health and Nutrition.  She is also a Body Relationship Coach and will be certified as a teacher in the Art of Feminine Presence in July.   Jen has worked in the corporate world for 19 years as a consultant for Accenture, while raising her 4 boys; ages 14, 12, 10 and 5.

Jen’s wellness journey began when two of her children were diagnosed with serious health issues including ADHD, learning disability, speech and development delay and sensory processing disorder.  Through in-depth research and exploring natural methods, she was able to bring both children to healing naturally without the use of medications, despite resistance from others.  Jen leads seminars on Kids and Family Health Awareness locally in the Chicagoland area.  She has also presented to global audiences within Accenture.  Jen’s expertise expands beyond nutrition to include healthy relationships and healthy home.   The mission of her business, One Powerful Step, is to provide education, support and inspiration to empower women in making positive changes through healthy nutrition, healthy relationships and healthy home.

As a body relationship coach, Jen shares her own transformation story and teaches people how to use their body as a guide to create a deeper relationship with God (the divine source of truth) as well as teaching women how to love, respect and appreciate themselves and their bodies.   Jen creates a safe space for you to feel comfortable with opening up and letting go of your limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you, as well as allowing yourself to step into your own confidence and unfold into your true authentic self.

Jen’s delivery of seminars and coaching have inspired woman to greater levels of awareness in the importance of taking care of themselves as well as their family’s health and well-being.  She is an expert at empowering people to invest the time and energy to improve the health of the entire family.  Jen’s education and experience improving the health of her family as well learning how to nurture herself have equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and the importance of preventive care. Drawing on her education and experience, she works with clients to help them make the dietary, mindset and lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.  Her clients love that she takes the fear and stress out of where to begin by focusing on one simple step at a time.

Family Story #1 ADHD/ Learning Disability/ Auditory Processing Issues -

When my son Matt was 8 he was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia.  Doctors told me to put him on medication, but I just knew in my gut there had to be another way to help him.  We tried biofeedback, nutritional supplements and behavioral therapy and saw a huge difference in just 12 weeks.  Matt used to suck his fingers and after a couple weeks said “Mommy I don’t need them anymore.”

I cried, as I could not  believe the progress Matt was making.   The teachers said the gap was closing and I was able to help my son by not using any drugs, but rather a variety of natural methods to heal my son.  I now realize why people told me to put my son on medication as I needed to do something.  However, I saw a difference in his behavior with my own eyes naturally without the use of medications.    He was able to sit, listen comprehend and begin to learn.  He is going into 5th grade right now and is doing well.  Poor nutrition was at the heart of his problems.  I needed to take responsibility for my son’s health and help provide the best environment to make the necessary changes that would help him succeed in life.


Family Story #2– Sensory Issues, Speech and Development Therapy

When Andy was 1 year old, he did not talk.  I then went to the pediatrician and they suggested the Early Intervention program.  Andy qualified for multiples services.  He had a Speech, Development T and Occupational T therapist, but everything changed when he had 2 seizures.  The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with him.  I asked for food allergy testing, and I was told, we don’t do that in western medicine.  I said there had to be another way to help my son.  I ended up finding a chiropractor who focused in Energy Medicine and suggested that Andy had a Dairy and Gluten intolerance.  When we took both items out of his diet, he began to talk.  I was completely amazed and fascinated by what happened with my son.  I heard people talk about wheat and dairy allergies and thought it was cooky.  But I was willing to try ANYTHING to help my son.   I hired a nutritionist to help me figure out what to feed my son.  That is when she told me that he was probably not getting enough nutrients.  I decided to put him on a natural baby vitamin and he miraculously had a new change in his demeanor, he was a completely changed kid.  When we took “bad stuff” out of his diet, and put the “good stuff” in, his body was able to absorb the nutrients and help his brain and body develop.

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