Dec 182014

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season there are so many things that we want to do. In the spririt of giving, we can find ourselves searching for the “PERFECT” gift. Have you ever found yourself making a list and then searching either online or in multiple stores to find that special unique gift that represents how much you appreciate that person. I will admit there have been many times where I have shopped and shopped and shopped, and still couldn’t find what I was looking for. Why is that? Sometimes I shop and boom, I find everything I need (or rather didn’t think I needed it and bought it anyway) and other times, I hit a dead end.

Has that ever happened to you? Your intentions were so good. You aren’t doing this for you. You want to find the perfect gift for someone to make them feel special. But why can we sometimes not find what we are looking for? Or it feels like a chore and hard work to find a simple gift. Hmmm. Something to ponder about. When we are DOING instead of BEING, sometimes it feels harder and takes more effort. I have realized that in being attached to the outcome, in this case, a gift, I am limiting the possibilities that could happen in really bringing the joy to the person I wanted to touch. However, when I let myself BE, with no intentions, the greatest miracles happen.

I attended a church service this past weekend which talked about our Plan A versus our Plan B. Have you ever thought about Plan A, versus Plan B when it comes to the holidays?

Plan A – Could be shopping for the PERFECT gift.
What if Plan B, was even better?

What if that PERFECT gift, was YOU! Show up to your friends and family and those that are most important to you as who YOU are. My son showed me an example of this when I was shopping for something over the weekend. I was on a mission for something and couldn’t find it, but while shopping he saw a gingerbread house and said “Mommy can we buy this please?” I thought noone eats gingerbread in our house, but I saw the look in his eye and knew I needed to say. We created some amazing memories because I was open to being present and noticing what was really important. My plan A, turned into the best Plan B ever.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And remember sometimes the best PRESENT, is the gift of YOU!


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